Our Team

Pastor David Headshot

David Hook


Pastor David Hook’s journey to CLV is not what you’d expect. As a former traffic and civil engineer, he was used to seeing the world in terms of angles, formulas, equations, and solutions. But after he was called to lead a church plant southeast of Tucson, all of that changed. Now, David’s world is not formulas, but faith; not equations, but eternity.

David’s ministry is all about developing deep relationships. He believes family to be one of the great expressions of God’s love in this world, and he finds fulfillment in sharing life with his wife, Jennifer, and their children and grandchildren. He takes a keen interest in the people who become part of Christ Lutheran Vail’s community, cherishing the connections that we make when we come together in God. And David treasures his relationship with God, even as it changes and takes on new meaning in each season of his life. It is this meaning that he loves sharing with the people of Vail. And it is his hope to be a life-changing connection to Jesus – to really make a difference – for everyone he meets.

Larry Headshot

Larry Unger

Stephen Minister
Bible Study Leader

Larry loves sharing his faith. Whether in a small group or a large congregation, while sharing a meal or diving deep into the Word – it doesn’t much matter to Larry. He just cherishes the opportunity to connect with others through the love of Jesus. Larry leads a weekly Bible study and serves as a deacon and a trained Stephen Minister at Christ Lutheran Vail.









Gene Headshot

Gene McNinch

Stephen Ministry Leader

Gene is all about people. You’ll rarely see him alone. On Sundays, he’s usually welcoming guests with a warm smile and a hearty handshake. Or he might be helping new folks figure out where to get connected during a Discover CLV class. Or, as a trained Stephen Minister, he might be caring for others as they go through a difficult time in their lives. Gene believes that God is always at work putting people together. He loves sharing his faith – really talking and connecting with others when they need it most.

Josh Headshot

Joshua Landi


As the Worship Director at CLV, Josh oversees all things music, prayer, and worship on Sunday mornings. A lifelong musician, Josh loves helping others connect with God through song and praise. Even in these uncertain times, Josh is confident that God is with us – in our church, in our community, and in our gathering together.

Jennifer Headshot

Jennifer Hook

School Administrator Nursery Coordinator

Jennifer is all about pointing children to Jesus. As the Creation School Administrator, she oversees the curriculum and development for CLV’s early learners, preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade programs. Jennifer fosters a life-long love of learning by helping kids stay curious about the world around them – and the foundation of every lesson is the message of Jesus. Jennifer especially cherishes the relationships she develops with the children in the programs.

As the Nursery Coordinator during Sunday worship, Jennifer helps create a safe, fun environment for young ones while their parents participate in the worship service.

Josey Headshot

Josey Adams


As Christ Lutheran Vail’s bookkeeper, Josey ensures that our numbers are meticulously kept in order. She loves CLV for the strong sense of community she feels here and the friends she has made. A mom of three, Josey loves being active with her family – whether hiking, climbing mountains, or just enjoying the Arizona skies.

Terry Headshot

Terry Marcus

Administrative Assistant Middle School Youth Leader

If you’ve got a question, Terry’s great at helping you find the answer.  As an administrative assistant at CLV, she coordinates events and scheduling on our campus, handles communications for the office, and publishes Christ Lutheran Vail’s website.  As the Middle School Youth leader, Terry helps our 6th-8th graders explore their faith while navigating the challenges of becoming a teenager in our world today. Terry loves seeing our teens grow together in their faith and their understanding of themselves, and she is proud to see them mature into strong young adults.

Liz Headshot

Liz Kanon

Administrative Assistant Radicle, Little Sprouts, Mothers of Preschoolers

Liz loves sharing her faith in ways both digital and analog. As an administrative assistant at CLV, she authors social media content, publishes the Inside CLV newsletter, and handles a number of communications for the office. As the coordinator for Little Sprouts and a leader for several of our children’s programs, she helps kids find a supportive community where they can grow together. Liz’s passion is seeing children explore their faith from a young age. She loves to guide the next generation as they discover what it means to walk with God.

Stacy Headshot

Stacy Lowe

High School Youth Leader Youth in Service

Stacy is just another one of the kids. As a Youth Group leader, she spends her time helping our high school teens develop strong relationships and explore their faith in Christ. Stacy loves getting to know teens – and she especially enjoys the unique, thoughtful, and often profound ways they can share with each other when they listen and connect. Stacy also encourages younger kids to get involved in the Youth in Service program, which teaches the next generation to engage in our church community through generosity and acts of service for others.

Meghan Headshot

Meghan Olender

Radicle Kids Program Coordinator

Meghan is all about conversations. As the Radicle Children’s Program Coordinator at CLV, her job is to get kids talking about their faith. Meghan believes that authentic exchanges – between the kids, their friends, and their parents – help bring the Bible to life in a powerful and vibrant way. A parent herself, Meghan is always looking for ways to help kids and their parents grow together in their faith.

Polly Headshot

Polly Phillips

Welcome Team
Mothers of Preschoolers

Chances are you won’t go too long without meeting Polly. As part of the Welcome Team on Sunday mornings, she’ll give you a smile and a warm greeting before you even enter the building. And as a MOPS mentor, she helps young moms and their children deepen their relationships with Christ in small groups. Polly has a passion for people – she’s never met a stranger – and she loves being a bright light for Jesus to the people of Vail.

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