Message: “Unshakable Faith: Peter Walks on Water” from David Hook

David Hook - January 23, 2022

Unshakable Faith: Peter Walks on Water

In this video we look at Matthew 14:22-33 where Jesus convinces Peter to walk on the water. For a brief period of time Peter’s faith is strong, but after seeing the wind and the rain, his doubts get the better of him and he falls. Even our strong faith will falter at some point in life. But Jesus is there to lift us up.

From Series: "Unshakable Faith"

How important is faith? How does it grow? In this series, we will look at what Jesus has to say about faith. The Kingdom of God is powerful, but faith is needed to fully comprehend it. If we are going to live the life that Jesus has for us, faith is needed.

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